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"Pranjanac" D.O.O.

Retail and wholesale, plant protection products and plant nutrition products.

About Us

We have been successfully nurturing tradition and maintaining the quality of plant protection and nutrition products for more than 20 years.

O našoj profesionalnosti, odanosti i predanosti svedoče korisnici naših usluga i proizvoda, od kojih su mnogi dugogodišnji saradnici naše firme.

Premium products

Some of our premium products:


Regalis Plus


Our company is the only distributor of certain products in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Our products

Agrochemicals largely include pesticides, hormones, plant growth regulators (PGR), etc., which enable the protection of plants and soil, improve yields, maintain and improve the growth of plant processes.

Agrochemistry is a specially designed chemical product for use in agriculture in order to increase crop productivity and protect crops from pests, insects, cows, fungi and others.

The growth of horticulture & floriculture, increasing awareness of the use of fertilizers and pesticides along with the increasing literacy rate among farmers in the country’s large crop production are strengthening the global agrochemical market. One of the main drivers for the market is the growth of agrochemistry in the demand for food grains, due to the increase of the global population together with the decrease of arable land per capita due to the sharp increase of urbanization and industrialization.


Pesticid je svaka supstanca koja se koristi za ubijanje, odbijanje ili suzbijanje određenih oblika biljnog ili životinjskog svijeta koji se smatraju štetočinama.

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